Lost in Translation

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Published by DAW Books

Cover art by Steve Stone

Kathryn is a human empath whose world and life were destroyed when, as a very young child, she watched helplessly as the alien S’sinn slaughtered her parents before her eyes. Only the Translators, an elite guild of empaths, were able to free her from the trauma and give her a new life.

Jarrikk is a young S’sinn, an unproven warrior who saw his flight mates slaughtered by the humans who’d sought to colonize his world. Crippled so he could never fly again, he would have chosen death, but he wasn’t allowed the choice. Instead he, too, was trained to be a Translator.

As humans and S’sinn find themselves poised on the brink of a war that could not only destroy their own species but disrupt the delicate balance of the multi-species Commonwealth, these two Translators–who have every reason to hate one another–must work together to find a common ground and avert catastrophe. But whether their Translators’ oaths and training can overcome the enemies leagued against them is very much in doubt…

“This book has it all: great aliens, brilliant world-building, a breakneck plot, and a message that resonates with our times. Edward Willett has arrived, and SF is the richer for it.”Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo & Nebula Award-Winning Author

“To call a Science Fiction tale ‘Old Fashioned’ is neither an insult nor an oxymoron. Willett has created an interstellar adventure story worthy of Golden Age masters like Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein. The pace is fast, the invention rich, and the plot twirls and twists like an Aldebaranian Woggle Dancer. Willett even pulls off that trickiest of SF finesses, the alien species that does not think like humankind and yet makes enough sense to capture our interest and sympathy. If you hanker after a journey to distant worlds and a visit to the Galactic Commonwealth, then reach for Lost in Translation.” Dave Duncan, author of the Seventh Sword and King’s Blades series

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