The Chosen

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It’s the late 21st century, and after economic collapse and a “small” war, civilization is in pretty bad shape. On the Canadian prairies, a religious cult, the Chosen, has dedicated itself to destroying all vestiges of the old technological civilization–but only a few hundred kilometres away, the Technos are just as dedicated to rebuilding it. The two cultures are on a collision course that could mean the first war of the new era, and mutual destruction, unless the teenage daughter of the cult’s leader and a boy from the Technos can overcome their own personal differences and prevent it…no matter what the cost.

“A strong conflict, between the Chosen and the Technos, drives this plot forward…Good world-building with fast-paced chapters. I appreciated that Beth held to her faith in God without buying into her father’s fanaticism, and that the Technos had their own spectrum of radicals and moderates…My twelve-year-old son also read and enjoyed the book.” – Nicole Luiken

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