Right to Know

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Book 1 in the Peregrine Rising duology

Cover art by Dan O’Driscoll

The first book in the Peregrine Rising duology, Right to Know, is a fast-paced space opera about first contact — with a difference.

Launched from a war-torn Earth three centuries before, the generation ship Mayflower II is beginning to show his age. Now the ship is decelerating, though the Captain and crew remain strangely silent as to why. Art Stoddard, tasked with providing the daily news to the increasingly restless passengers, is finding more and more of his stories censored or even rejected. Still, life is good–he’s a celebrity and all the money and girls he could want.

But when he kidnapped by a secret military organization determined to overthrow the power of Captain and crew, he becomes embroiled in a conflict that tests everything he thought he knew. When he discovers the truth the Captain is hiding he is forced to choose between security–his own and the ship’s–and the people’s right to know.

What if truth is a matter of perspective and knowledge it the most dangerous weapon of all?

“An inspiring tale of redemption and courage, set in an all-too-plausible future in space. Well done!” – Julie Czerneda, author of The Clan Chronicles

“…a wildly entertaining read…I found the characters realistic, the plot solid, and the book lacked a lot of exposition…a fun and rollicking SF yarn.” – SF Revu

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