The Haunted Horn

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Alex Mitchell doesn’t have the slightest interest in the auction his mother drags him to after a disastrous day at junior high. Antiques are her interest, not his—yet somehow, when they head home, he’s the one clutching a Civil War bugle.

When Alex blows the horn, he sets in motion a train of events that will destroy his home town of Oak Bluff, Arkansas…unless he can figure out the secret of the haunted horn in time, and, with the help of his new friend Annie Parker, evade the gang of bullies out to get him, her, and the haunted horn.

The Haunted Horn is an entertaining, sharp ghost story with a setting and characters that many kids will easily relate to…I would recommend it to any middle school reader who enjoys modern adventure with a bit of spookiness mixed in...(Willett’s) polished prose and excellent characterization make Horn a fun, quick read. Kids will enjoy the convincing small-town America setting, and the troubles Alex has making friends and dealing with bullies will likely seem familiar as well.” – Will Weisser

The Haunted Horn is surely a novel that will appeal to younger readers and likely make history, (perhaps for the first time in their lives!) interesting. By coupling it with mystery, paranormal and historical events, Willett constructs a story that is anything but boring. Any age reader will find it enjoyable, but it is geared towards the early middle-school reader based on language and subject matter….When the past collides with the present, what strange things can occur!” – Bitsy Bling Books

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